Mozzarella: The Best Cheese for Pizza

Everyone is obsessed with pizza. Everybody has their favorite pizza joint and their favorite toppings. And each person definitely has their favorite cheese for their pizza. But have you ever wondered what is the best cheese for pizza?

Well you don’t have to guess or argue with friends anymore. Apparently, a group of scientist from the University of Auckland published a paper entitled “Quantification of Pizza Baking Properties of Different Cheeses, and Their Correlation with Cheese Functionality”. The said paper was published in the Journal of Food Science and is focused on the chemistry between cheese and the pizza once baked.

It turns out that Mozzarella is the best cheese for pizza. Although some may disagree, the research team was able to discover that mozzarella is best compatible with pizza because of its low free oil content and its overall elasticity.  These properties enable it to inflate and blister not like the other cheeses like cheddar, colby, gruyere, and provolone.

“So at first sight it seems really trivial, but actually it’s a huge combination of things that contribute to that discreet patch of brown blistering across the pizza,” said Bryony James, a PhD from the University of Auckland.

The finding was done through imaging to get objective data rather than subjective data from taste buds (because everyone has their preferred cheeses apparently).  The cheeses were baked on top of a basic pizza crust and evaluated based on their color, color uniformity and how they browned and blistered in the oven. Sauce was not used in the experiment because it can contribute extra moisture.

The purpose of the research is not only to identify the best cheese for pizza but also to help develop healthier alternatives to cheeses without sacrificing taste, quality and of course cheese compatibility.

Here is Bryony James explaining the study.

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