Introducing Apple’s smartwatch: The Apple Watch

Apple’s highly anticipated wearable device was finally unveiled. It is called the Apple Watch.

There will be 3 versions available in 2 sizes with 6 different straps. The versions are Standard (stainless steel chassis), Sports (aluminum chassis), and Edition with 18-karat gold chassis (not plated).  The sizes 38mm and 42mm. And the straps include different leather and stainless steel in varying colors.

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The screen of the Apple Watch is covered in sapphire glass for protection. It is yet to be tested weather sapphire has better scratch resistance than the Gorilla Glass.

A Digital Crown is another way to interact with the Watch if you do not want to use the touch screen. It acts as a navigational tool and can do zoom and scroll without obstructing the view in the screen. It also functions as the home button.

The smartwatch can connect to your iPhone and be able to access your apps and features. Similar to Android Wear, it is able give you reminders and show notifications. You can view the notifications by simply raising your wrist.

Health and fitness monitoring are also in the Watches’ features.  It shows things like calories burned or distance travelled during workouts. Siri is present as well for smart messages.

Apple Pay, Apple’s new NFC enabled payment service, is also present in Watch. Charging is done through the use of Magsafe wireless adapter. For ease of use, a magnet will guide the charger in the right spot.

The Watch will cost $349 and will be available in early 2015.

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