The world’s Coolest Cooler

If you are an outdoorsy person, you might not want to miss out on one of the awesome products being crowd-funded in Kickstarter, the Coolest Cooler. It is so ingenious that it has already raised more than $10 Million with two days left to fund the project. So what’s so great about this cooler that it was able to beat Pebble as the most funded project in Kickstarter history?

Despite its retro look, it is packed with loads of useful features that can be used for outdoor activities. It has drainable cooler with two inner compartments, a built-in blender, a wireless bluetooth speaker, waterproof internal LED lights, a USB charging station, built-in plates, cutting board, ceramic knife, bottle opener, beach-ready wheels and bungee straps. All that for the price of $180.

“Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than a cold blended cocktail or smoothie,” indicated in the cooler’s Kickstarter page. “The 18 volt ice-crushing beast built into the COOLEST will power through more than 6 gallons of blended goodness on a single charge.” Now that’s sure to be an attention grabber during family picnics and outing with friends.

It is available in Margarita, Coolest Orange & Blue Moon colors.

Coolest Cooler 1

If you are interested to back the project, you can check it here.


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