Video Comparison: iOS vs. Android

Everybody has cell phones rather smartphones with them in the modern age. People carry them because they can perform most of their tasks through them. Actions such as selecting the best restaurant in the area, booking a flight or a hotel, planning for a vacation, sending texts, staying updated on social media, and many others. It would be perfectly fine if I say that all the actions, excluding physical and biological ones, can be performed through smartphones.

We tend to spend high sums of money on such smart companions. And it is not very easy when it comes to choosing one for you. Since there are lots of competitive products available in the market and they have some pros and cons associated with them which make the decision to buy one even harder. Well, one thing that makes things a little easier is deciding upon the operating system (OS) which we want to use. Windows, Blackberry, Android, and iOS are the most adopted OS across the globe. If we narrow it down further then Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the couple ones left behind. To help us and give some insights, about the competition and differences among these two giants, StealthLuck has launched a video comparison. Well, the thing which matters the most even more than how the companies are doing is that what type of OS suits our needs and desires.

People going after looks of a cellular device are quite rare. And even if you like mobile phones in specific shape, size, and color you will find it hard to pick one because cell phone manufacturers are offering devices that are quite similar in these attributes. Again the decisive point is what kind of attributes you want, if you want to have a customized set and want to pay less for the applications that you want to choose, then apparently the better choice is an Android phone. On the contrary if you want speed, security, style, and prestige then Apple’s iOS which is only available on Apple iPhones fits your needs.

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