Boost Office Productivity While Caring For Mother Earth

Recent innovations in office tech solutions have created countless ways to improve business productivity. Unfortunately, these innovations aren’t always environmentally friendly. The looming presence of climate change has, for many, put things into perspective. Reducing the office’s carbon footprint is at the forefront of many business’s concerns today.


There are a number of ways to boost business productivity while keeping the planet’s well being in mind. Here are several tips on how to paint a bit of green into your office:

Go Mobile

There are a lot of apps on the market that allow users to do everything wirelessly. Online data storage systems like the Cloud make sharing documents, photos or even presentations as easy as a push of a virtual button. This process not only makes work more efficient, but it can actually eliminate the need to print unnecessary documents – saving a lot of trees from falling in vain. Check out the Play Store for a stack of mobile office apps.

Go Laser

Using mobile technology to minimise waste is a huge leap in itself, but if you have to print, you have to print! Enviro-minded retailers like Cartridges Direct are encouraging everyone, from the big enterprises to smaller businesses, to trade in their old, traditional inkjet printers for the new flashy laser ones – and for good reason, too. Most of modern laser printers today are not only eco-friendly but can actually save you a significant amount of time and money in the long run. Energy Star qualified products like HP’s Officejet line produce a lesser carbon footprint as it is made of safer materials and utilises green packaging. They also consume less cartridges and less electricity (if properly taken care of), and with quality cartridges and proper maintenance these babies can last you years longer.

Go Save

The key is to think in a saving mindset. Save whatever you can, whenever you can. The simple process of shutting down your laptop when you’re idle for a while actually conserves a lot of electricity over time. Being selective and not printing every single document also goes a long way in saving paper. The less you waste, the happier and healthier our planet – and our existence on it – will be.

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