Top 5 Facebook Video Downloader Apps for iOS

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites among people of all age groups around the world. It is the platform through which people share achievements, happiness, memories, photographs, updates and even some amazing and interesting videos. Downloading videos from Facebook is a common practice among the users. However, sometimes it is not possible to download the videos you like for future enjoyment either on account of the same being removed or you do not have a tool to download it.

The reasons why you should download the videos from Facebook are:

  1. If you find any video on Facebook that is interesting, better save it as the person who had uploaded the video might remove it before you actually watch and enjoy the same.
  2. You might want to transfer the video from your laptop to your mobile and share the same among friends
  3. You might want to build a collection of all the amazing videos uploaded on Facebook

To do any of this and watch the video on your Apple device, you would need to have a Facebook video downloader app for iOS. The top 5 Facebook video downloader apps for iOS are discussed below:


1)    VideoGet for Facebook LITE

This is one of the best Facebook video downloader apps for iOS devices. The Video Player, Downloader & Download Manager provided by this app enables you to download the video absolutely for free. The user-friendly app provides for easy download options for better video experience.

Using the app, one can search the videos uploaded on Facebook via keywords. It provides for watching and downloading of HD quality videos, option to download multiple videos at same time and at extremely faster speed. The app works both on 3G and WiFi. The efficient and consistent interface provides for resuming the broken downloads too.


2)    Free Video Downloader Plus

This is another brilliant Facebook video downloader that works perfectly on iOS. This app provides for a fully integrated web browser, enables bookmarking of websites, rename and delete the files based on your requirement and also enable the user to sort the videos by name, size, date, duration and type of file.

This app is designed for both the iPhone and iPad. This fully featured video downloader provides for free and legal videos directly to your iOS devices. There is vast number of free Facebook videos available for download. The app supports standard formats such as mpeg, mp4, 3gp and much more. One can also search for the favourite videos before downloading.


3)    MyVid

This is the best video downloader that provides video player for all web videos. It allows you in video sharing and bookmarking of the site and lets you collect the favourite videos by downloading it from Facebook.

It allows you to download any of your favourite videos on Facebook on your iPhone, iPad or iPod to watch them offline.

MyVid applicationworks extremely well on iOS and provides the functionalities of password protection for all your videos, options to rename the file and also the international keyboard support.


4)    FlickRoll for Facebook

This is a video downloader and virtual archive for all your favourite Facebook videos. FlickRoll provides for an archive for all videos posted by your friends in Facebook. With just a couple of clicks, you can watch all your videos directly from the app.

You can see the list of your friends who have uploaded the videos on Facebook, organize the same friend and year wise and then download or play the videos directly from the app.


5)    VDownload

Another iOS supported Facebook video downloader to download all your favourite videos from Facebook.

The user-friendly iOS supported app provides for easy download options to enable watching the videos without any internet connection. The video downloader supports standard formats such as the 3gp, mpeg, mp4 and much more. One can also play videos on the playlist.

Using the VDownload app, you can search your favourite videos on Facebook and download the same using the fully integrated web browser. Users can also bookmark the website, rename files, delete and sort the same as per requirement.

Before downloading the videos from Facebook, check for the host through which the videos have been linked or uploaded on to Facebook. Make unlimited downloads without any cost and enjoy the amazing Facebook videos at your convenience through any of the above mentioned 5 popular apps suitable for iOS. And if you are using Android phone or prefer desktop/online Facebook video downloaders, please check this source for further details.

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