The Three-Time World’s Fastest Computer

International Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig, Germany —-China’s Tianhe-2 claimed the title again, to be the world’s fastest supercomputer for the third year in a row with its unbeatable 33.86 petaflops or in a not-so-simple math that says quadrillions of calculations per second of processing speed.

Tianhe 2 Supercomputer

Back in 2010, Tianhe-1A took the top spot on the supercomputer roaster and from there, its successor Tianhe-2 made its name for the three consecutive year now as the worlds fastest computer from the Top500 annual listings.

According from Top500, the top 10 list of supercomputers hadn’t changed mostly from the last list they released though there’s a exception of a supercomputer named Cray XC30 which is installed in an  undisclosed US government site. In total, the US still holds most of the supercomputers while China took the second place while superpowers UK, France and Germany lag far behind —-in which the rate of performance growth of the entire list is slowing down, that has significantly went down to 55-percent from 90-percent year-to-year growth. The deceleration is mainly because of no new supercomputers are makings its way in or in the top of the list. However, Tianhe-2 is expected to reach 100-petaflops by 2018.

Of the 500 systems listed, the statistics shows off that 37 of them offers computing at 1-petaflops range, and most of them are using multi-core processors also 85-percent are running Intel processors. Now HP and IBM have almost identical share of these supercomputers with 36 and 33 -percent, respectively with Cray builds 10-percent.

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