Samsung 850 Pro is first-ever 3D vertical-NAND SSD with up to 1TB capacity

If you’ve been patronizing Samsung SSDs with its 840 Pro then you might be a little excited for sure about its next generation 850 Pro.  Sammy have just released its first-ever three-dimensional vertical NAND flash memory technology housed in a 2.5-inch shell and supports the latest SATA 3 that’s capable of 6Gbps transfer speed —-yes, that’s the mighty 850 Pro.

Samsung 850 Pro SSD

Technically, the 850 Pro is designed for high-end computers which utilizes the vertical-NAND with its vertical cell structure, it’s said to overcome the density limit issue found in the conventional flash memory. These makes the 850 Pro even more reliable in terms of speed, endurance and energy efficiency. It’s capable of sequential read-write of 550Mbps and 520Mbps, respectively. While its random read-write speeds are as follows 100,000 IOPS when reading and 90,000 IOPS writing.

The 850 Pro is also equipped with Rapid Mode that is accessed through Samsung Magician software which enables user to use the host computer’s free system memory as as a cache for faster data processing. There’s also a Dynamic Thermal Guard which maintains ambient temperature and prevents overheating.

Samsung 850 Pro will be available this month in variant-prices of 128GB($130), 256GB($230), 512GB($430) and 1TB($730).

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