Ritot Projection Smartwatch Concept


Smartwatch concepts seems to be a mainstream tech for wearable devices and it’s slowly crawling into limelight for seamless mobile integration, basically an add-ons for your mobile devices. We’ve seen some of the newest smartwatches but the idea of projecting time, incoming calls, emails and notifications from Twitter and Facebook directly onto your hand calls further attention —-the Ritot, the first ever “Projection Watch”.

Now if you want this projection watch to be real, then you need to help funding Ritot which is currently presented in Indiegogo. It’s currently funded nearly $375,000 showing the demand for this smartwatch concept.

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Ritot will be utilizing a pico projector to display personalized content directly on-top of your hand. It will be made available in two models: unisex, aluminum bracelet with four sizes and colors of white, black, brown-gold and black-gold. There’s also a sport band made from plastic in colors of black, white, red, green, blue and yellow.

Both models will be available for $120 and shipping to backers in early next year.

You can dismiss a projected notification on your hand just by shaking it or it’ll disappear in 10 seconds and it’s equipped with touch-sensitive buttons for you to configure it easily.

It’ll be made compatible to your iOS, Android or Windows Phone devices and will come with a wireless charger.

At the moment, this type of projection watch is limited to Ritot, so let’s see how others will come up with their own version, and we’re thinking if iWatch will have this kind of technology too.

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