Gigantic Samsung 105-Inch Curved UHDTV priced $120,000

Which will you buy a BMW M5 or Samsung’s newest and behemoth curved 105-inch Ultra-HD TV –for the same price of $120,000?

Samsung 105-inch Curved UHDTV

Sammy’s curved HDTV is now available for pre-order equally gigantic price mentioned above.

In this price range, you’ll be getting the title to take home one of the largest UHD and curved OLED display with aspect ratio of 21:9, with 5,120 x 2,160 resolution, or 11 million pixels. It’s technically not 4K and you might see black bars on the sides, but many new blockbusters are filmed in this ratio nowadays, so don’t worry.

Most importantly, you can tell the whole world that you’re one of the owner of the most expensive TV ever existed and you’ll have VIP treatment with “Samsung Elite Service” which the company’s engineer coming to your home to help you through setup and other issues.

If you’re thinking to mount the curved UHDTV on your wall, Samsung has a specially designed mount for the set and it’s sold separately, the price —-well, you don’t need to know, we know you can afford it.

The monster HDTV will also be available with Sammy’s Evolution Kit in which it can adapt to future upgrades.

Now let us know which will you be buying?


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