How to get the most out of your gadgets

Did you know that, despite the prevalence of gadget ownership in the UK, barely any of us actually make use of the full features enabled on our favourite electronics?

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According to a report published in The Daily Telegraph, research by Barclays has discovered that nearly 95% of us don’t get the full functionality from our devices with almost 40% only using half the features or less.

This is in spite of the fact that we spent an average of more than £350 each on gadgets in the last year alone!

Essentially, this could mean that we’re wasting hundreds of pounds worth of equipment by ignoring some of the features which our favourite gadgets provide. To rectify the situation, let’s look at a few ways to make the most of your gadgets and ensure you’re making the most of their full functionality.

1. Read up!

It may seem an obvious point but statistics routinely show that many of us simply do not read up on the gadgets and tech that we’re buying. Most devices comes with auto-play instructions that guide you through key features but they’ll usually be a digital user’s manual (if not a paper one) which you can consult too.

Rather than clicking through these options briskly, paying little attention to the information they convey, you should take the time to listen to what your gadget is telling you. Read up on its features and make sure you understand what it can do – and how.

2. Ask for help

There’s no harm in admitting you don’t know something, so swallow your pride and ask for help! If buying your gadget direct from a store then the seller can usually help you get set-up with the basics but there’s no harm in asking them for extra help.

Apple in particular is known for operating an interesting system inside their stores whereby you sign up for appointments online and then speak to specialists and experts about your device so look out for similar options elsewhere.


3. Go online

Most modern gadgets are internet-enabled so make the most of this by going online. As well as opening up a wealth of integrated features, this could also give you the chance to promote your business while on the move – all through the use of social media and other online activities.

If you have a business website then you should make sure it is enabled for use on handheld gadgets by adapting the design as this will ensure each user gets the same flawless experience. You should also ensure you protect your assets by obtaining an NCC registry escrow which protects the data associated with registered domain names from being lost or inaccessible to its owners.

4. Look for shortcuts

Finally, the functionality of your gadget is only connected with the programs and features it runs – it also refers to the different ways you can access material and use the device. Many mobile phones, computer tablets and devices now come with a series of shortcuts built into them and these are designed to enhance functionality – as this great article shows.

Whether it’s learning how to take a photo of your display screen with your phone or deleting inputted text with a simple hand gesture, make sure you look for shortcuts and learn how to use your gadget rather than just learning what it does!

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