The Changing Retail World

retail-businessThe retail world is changing with the explosion of online shopping, the increasing use of mobile devices to make purchases and buyers who are better educated than those of generations past. Today’s shopper are not only shopping online more often, but many are also seeking higher quality over lower prices. Customer service has also grown in importance over the past few years with consumers expecting items to arrive more quickly and instant answers to questions or concerns.

Retail Goes Mobile

Probably one of the biggest changes in the retail world is the increased use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets to make online purchases or research products. In fact, a report released in 2013 found that 65 percent of online shoppers browsed products online before heading to a retail store to make purchases. According to the survey, 47 percent say that the only reason they do not purchase items on line is to avoid shipping costs. For online retailers who offer free or reduced shipping, this could lead to an increased customer base as shoppers may be less likely to leave the online store in favor of a brick-and-mortar store.

Social Media

Social media has changed customer service more than any other aspect of online retailing. In fact, a Nielsen report found that 20 percent of mobile shoppers used their device to comment on social media sites about a purchase. Companies are finding that social media, when used properly, can help increase their customer base significantly. By responding to questions or concerns on social media, businesses show customers that they care about their experience and will go above what is necessary to keep the customer happy.


Another area where retail is changing is through the use of coupons. Mobile coupons are redeemed ten times as often as traditional coupons, according to eMarketer. Coupon apps are used by about 25 million consumers each month. In addition, two out of five women say that they have searched for a specific product because of an online coupon.

Online shopping has made significant changes to the retail world. As consumers grow more educated about products, the need to provide better quality will also grow. Consumer satisfaction is also expected to become even more important, which is why creating a good online experience can help retain and attract customers. Learn more about creating the ultimate shopping experience at websites like

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