Apple and IBM partners on business software

The Cupertino-giant has just managed to make its way on corporate businesses through a partnership with IBM aimed to develop advanced mobile and data analysis technology.

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Apple and IBM have been collaborating for several months now on developing more than 100 business software programs exclusively built for Apple’s iOS operating that will be mainly ported for iPhones and iPads. And you might ask the targeted industries for these mobile developments, well, you can expect retail, health care, transportation, banking, insurance and telecommunications –too broad that either company didn’t discloses financial terms for the deal.

According to Virginia M. Rometty, IBM’s chief executive, that both companies planned to combine data analysis, cloud and mobile technology with Apple’s smartphone and tablets into decision-making tools rather than ones used mainly for email, text-messaging and contacts.

The business apps are expected to be available this fall, something that you might think that it will be along with iPhone 6. And knowing the broad industry it covers, you can easily predict to utilize the Apple’s iOS devices as a front end client for ERP businesses, such as an integration with SAP and iOS can be easily developed within IBM.

This partnership also will enable Apple to seal the gaps on its penetration in corporate world making IBM its host for iOS product sales and service provider in corporate accounts. It’s a win-win situation for both companies, which seemed to be a profitable partnership in the long term —-knowing the two’s innovation background.

Currently, Apple(AAPL) and IBM(NYSE:IBM) stock prices are currently up.

Source: NYTimes

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