5 New Apps That are Improving People’s Lives

When the demands of city life start to take their toll, install these five new apps to make your life more manageable. They can make all aspects of life easier by keeping you organized, informed, and connected with what matters most to you.

1. Any.do


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Any.do is the ultimate scheduling app for busy people. It does a lot more than notify you of upcoming meetings and deadlines. With Any.do, you can add widgets that make the app behave in a way that benefits your life best.

Some of the best Any.do features let you:

  • share lists with friends and colleagues so you have social pressure to stay on top of deadlines
  • add tasks by speaking into your smartphone
  • create sub tasks so you can view your progress
  • set recurring tasks
  • use hand gestures to add, delete, and rearrange lists

Since Any.do lets you customize the app with widgets, you can design it in a way that meets your work and lifestyle needs best.

#2: Calorie Counter by MyFitness Pal


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Staying fit isn’t easy when you have a busy schedule. Calorie Counter by MyFitness Pal helps you keep track of how many calories you eat in a day so you can focus on hitting your goals.

Perhaps the best thing about Calorie Counter is that it doesn’t rely on you to tell it how many calories you consume. People aren’t very good at guessing how many calories are in fast food, snacks, and other foods. Calorie Counter’s database knows the amount of calories in over 3 million foods.

Other features will let you:

  • share your foods and goals with friends
  • track how many calories you burn while exercising
  • track your weight-loss progress with numbers and charts

If you’re serious about getting healthy, or staying healthy, you need this app on your smartphone.

#3: EZ Money Manager


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There are a lot of money management tools that can help you balance your checkbook, set a budget, remember to pay bills, and track expenses. EZ Money Manager will do all those things from one convenient screen.

Since EZ Money Manager integrates all of these important financial aspects into one place, you can stay on top of your spending and saving goals.

You can even divide expenses into separate categories. This option comes in handy for anyone who wants to track business and personal expenses separately.

#4: Sprout Social


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Social media sites used to make life easier. Now that so many sites have become important communication tools, social media can feel like a burden.

Sprout Social solves that problem by giving you a streamlined look at all of your social media interactions.

Sprout Social also lets you:

  • schedule posts across multiple platforms
  • monitor your social media reach (likes, clicks, retweets, etc)
  • update multiple accounts from one place

If you worry that your social media accounts are getting out of control, now is the right time to install Sprout Social. Chances are that you’ll only have more accounts in the future. You might as well get them under control now.

#5: Uber


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With Uber, you never have to waste your time waiting for a taxi that will overcharge you while expecting a generous tip.

Uber connects users with drivers in their area. When you need a ride, find someone willing to pick you up in exchange for a disclosed fee. You know exactly how much your ride will cost before you get in the car.

Of course, you’ll need a reliable smartphone that won’t leave you stranded. Consider an instore pre-order of Samsung Galaxy S5 so you can stay connected to nearby drivers at all times.

You don’t even pay with cash. The financial transaction happens through the app via a credit card account, Google Wallet, or PayPal. You can also share a ride with others to keep the price per person down.

What smartphone apps do you use to make your life more manageable? Do you feel that your smartphone has helped you simplify your life?

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