World’s first curved triple 55-inch OLED display racing simulator

Vesaro has just unveiled the world’s first ever curved triple display simulator which is aimed for distinct immersive virtual racing experience.

Vesaro I Evolve

The Vesaro I Evolve Special Edition Extreme rig was created through LG and Vesaro’s partnership that promises ultimate racing experience in its 165-inch of OLED curved view that’s not possible in three flat screens. Powering the screens are two Radeon HD7990 6GB graphics cards utilized by Vesaro’s system which is housed in a double-width brushed aluminum.

Real thrill of the motion system is made up of four actuators that allows movement up to 6 inches, which basically adds Vesaro I Evolve Special Edition Extreme an array of movements. In addition, the seat is provided by Cobra, making all of its products compatible with Evolve.

Interesting details, the triple display has carbon-fiber backs making it sleek enough to match the 4mm thick screen.

However, you need to start saving now if you want to do the best virtual racing ever, the price of the Vesaro I Evolve Special Edition Extreme starts at £45,930.

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