MOTA Smartwatch G2 now available for pre-order

The Smartwatch G2 from MOTA has just been made available virtually for pre-order. Notable features compared from its predecessor will be its support for both Google Now and Apple’s Siri. If you’ll pre-order the smartwatch, you can choose from white, black and red for just $79.99 and expected it to be ship on June 20th.


However, the device is till based on Bluetooth 3.0 which means that it doesn’t have all the optimizations done on Bluetooth 4.0 to keep it more power efficient which is the common issue for this kind of wearable devices. Fortunately, according from MOTA the device can perform multiple tasks without unlocking the phone and triggering apps. On a single charge, it can stay up to 72 hours in standby mode but can only last 3 hours of talktime.

The G2 also sports an integrated premium speakers, a microphone and an OLED display which makes the device quite interesting, however, the key features like Bluetooth 4.0 and battery life seemed to disappoint, accordingly —-considering that the market segment for wearables are increasingly becoming popular with tight competitions. To mention also those users that excessively relying on their smartphone which may compromise their battery life with G2.Despite Smartwatch G2’s pros and cons, will you be a bandwagoner for wearables considering its competitive price?

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