Intel Unveils Fanless Broadwell Tablet Design

Intel’s Devil’s Canyon might have been in the limelight earlier this week, however, there are still desirable dose of the new Core M 14nm Broadwell processor running an ultra-thin 7.2mm fanless 2-in-1 tablet.

Intel Broadwell Tablet

The tablet design is a 12.5-inch touchscreen running Windows 8 that can compete with ultrabooks and basically in the shell of an iPad when it comes to its mobility.

In comparison with the recently stunning Surface Pro 3, which is solid in its skinny body construction that weighs just 800g, it still uses fan and drives a Core i3/i5/i7 processor range while this Broadwell fanless tablet just 670g. Imagine the next generation Surface Pro to feature this type of processor.

Intel’s fanless 2-in-1 tablet design is said to have a removable keyboard and media dock to interface other peripheral effectively. These accessories seemed to be like heat absorber to dissipate it across which will further improve performance —-maybe aimed for gaming.

There’s a rumor that there supposed to be a Surface Pro mini that will go with the Surface Pro 3 but apparently believed to be yanked to give way for a newer OS with Windows 8.1 and possibly to house this new Intel’s Core M processor. In that way, it will be a bit competitive in its crowded line.

The Broadwell processors are expected to hit the shelves and run this hybrid tablets by late next year.

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