Intel fined with record $1.4 billion for unfair trade

European Union’s second highest court has just issued a $1.4 billion fine against Intel for the anti-competitive practices versus it’s tight chipmaker competitor AMD.


Back in 2009, citing the original decision of the European Commission found that Intel harmed its rival and consumers by giving unlawful rebates to retailers and computer manufacturers like HP, Lenovo and Dell —-though Intel appealed citing that the Commission “ignore(d) the reality of a highly competitive microprocessor marketplace.”

Apparently, the Commission framed the decision when Luxembourg General Court found that Intel has a long-term plan to shut out AMD.

Then the ruling was placed that the record fine covering 4.15-percent of Intel’s 2008 revenues was fair enough considering that EU can raise a penalty of up to 10-percent.

As we speak, there’s no official word from Intel or if has any plan to attempt on bringing the case to EU’s Court of Justice.

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