Google Glass is now available in the UK priced £1,000

Google’s smart spectacles technically is still in beta stage of its development, however, it has been made available in the US and mostly have been up for grabs for those who are born with golden spoon in their mouth. And it seemed the search-giant have also decided to land the Google Glass in the UK and probably with same story on its price tag.


It’s the first time Google made the glasses available for sale outside the US, and the British peeps will be able to enjoy this wearable device for a whooping £1,000 or converted to $1,700 for a pair.

There’s also an optional prescription Titanium collection for extra pennies but you can opt for the generic frame as usual. But expect to grab attention and a series of questions from most of your peers that will see you wearing the Google Glass, mainly because it’s the first region outside US that will finally have the device physically for the first time.

If ever you’re in UK and was an early adopters of Google Glass, let us know how was your experience so far, you can share your thoughts at the comment form below.

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