Bundles: An Affordable Media Solution for a Growing Family?

If there’s one thing that kids love, it’s TV. Come to that, if there’s one thing that the grownups love, it’s TV in one form or another. With the television plastered with the World Cup and Big Brother, as well as upcoming Wimbledon, Tour de France and X Factor 2014, having a decent TV package deal can make all the difference to your leisure time and your household budget.

It’s been a long time since the masses were limited to the standard five channels and dial-up internet, and while the basic packages are decent enough, having 230+ TV channels to pick from and super-fast 152mb fibre-optic broadband are very welcome things! Unfortunately, more TV channels and lightning-fast broadband often means more money shelled out each month, but when you consider bundling the TV with your phone and internet requirements, you can often find substantial savings are waiting for you.

Any growing family will know how expensive daily life can be. Sitting down to do accounts, budgets and meal plans are often a weekly endurance and saving money in as many places as possible can only be a good thing. Cutting back on your outgoings means increased disposable income, which can help you and your family to enjoy more luxuries – need we say more?

When you consider how much you pay, individually, for your home phone, broadband and TV packages, you’ll often be blown away by the total costs. By combining these facilities into one, easy to manage bundle, you will not only save a fortune each month but it’ll also be far more convenient

Virgin Media Big Bundle

The great thing about some of these big bundles is the inclusion of fibre-optic broadband. While not everybody will be eligible to have this installed (it can often depend on where you live), if you are in an area that is connected you can benefit from super-fast broadband as part of your bundle. This means that your broadband speed can be up to 16x faster than regular broadband, which is a great bonus, especially if your family members download, stream and game online. If you’re not in an area that’s already benefiting from fibre-optic broadband, you can expect good things coming soon.

Using one supplier, like Virgin Media, to provide you with your various media services, also means that you will only have one company to deal with during your bundle contract. This can be a lifesaver when you’re busy with hectic family life – knowing that your media services are in the hands of one company that provides excellent customer care can help to alleviate the stress levels, which can be a huge help when you have kids running around your feet and squabbling to diffuse.

Comparing the various packages and suppliers on the market will help you to make the right choice for your circumstances. Make your life that little bit easier and bundle your media services – not only will you and the family have a brilliant entertainment bundle to enjoy, but you’ll save money too!

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