A 30-Minute Outage Cost Facebook Half a Million

The social media-giant Facebook reportedly incurred $500,000 in looses in ad revenue for just about half an hour of outage last Thursday. The figures were estimated from the first quarter revenue of $2.5 billion that you can withdraw a $1.16 million ad revenue an hour.

Facebook Outage

“Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can” greeted millions of Facebook users around the world when they tried to access their account. A formal message that the social networking site is currently down. According from Jay Nancarrow, Facebook spokesperson —-the site ran into an issue while updating the configuration of one of their software systems that caused the trouble when users tried to log in their accounts. Fortunately, Facebook managed to resolve the issue quickly and avoid significant lost in ad revenue.

The largest social networking site promised to its around 1.3 billion users that the outage will never happen again.

Back in 2010, Facebook encountered a 2-hour outage due to “an unfortunate handling of an error condition,” and after four years, this 30-minute outage is the longest. It’s good to know the figures they might have incurred in their ad revenue for that 2-hour span, something to compare how Facebook have grown for the past years.

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