Some Top Trends in Website Design for 2014

Good website design has always been a significant factor for any business planning to get ahead of their competition. With the Internet encroaching into all aspects of our lives, it is only natural for businesses to strive to gain a leading edge in the World Wide Web. And one primary way to do this would be to have an effective, attention-grabbing website.

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But today, it is not enough to merely have a functioning website. Web design is constantly evolving, and what’s ‘hot’ today may not necessarily be ‘in’ tomorrow. So let’s take a closer look at the major web design trends we can look forward to this year:

Responsive web design

Nowadays, more and more individuals are accessing the web through their smart phones and tablets. And with responsive web design, websites can be adjusted according to the device visitors are using. Responsive web design means that not all elements available on a desktop screen will be needed on a tablet or smart phone screen, which makes a website more accessible to anyone and from anywhere.

The simpler, the better

A few years ago, the more bells and whistles a website had, the better. It’s not the case today. Simplicity is best, and a simple yet straightforward and informative website that is easy to navigate can retain more visitors, thus resulting in more exposure and even increased sales. The point is to have navigation with a purpose – and you can achieve this with the right web designer who knows what to prioritise and what to do away with.

The grid layout

One particular trend that is easy to recognise on social media sites like Tumblr or Twitter is the grid layout. Simply put, this type of layout is fashioned as a grid, making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. With a layout like this, visitors can skim through the text and content with ease as everything is condensed into a format which is easy to browse through.

More focused landing pages

Applications for iOS and Android have taken over the Internet. And this means more comprehensive and detailed landing pages. These types of landing pages take mobile access into consideration, with an open source script, more apps for smart phones and tablets, and even mobile games. The point of a more focused landing page is to let visitors learn more about a product or service in a more engaging and effective way.

Fast and easy registration

Whilst long registration forms were seen as an annoying (but necessary) evil in years past, today, visitors to websites no longer have to fill in detailed forms. The forms are quicker and less comprehensive, often consisting of only two to four fields to fill in. This encourages visitors to sign up and register as they can see immediately that it will not take too much of their time.

There are many other trends in website design that are coming out. But a good web designer such as one from Amity Web Design knows that as long as you keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends and changes, your website will remain effective (and attractive) to the millions upon millions of web users today.

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