The Top 4 Geeky but Fun Game Genres

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There is so much more to games and apps than you think. They are not just a welcome distraction or a form of entertainment anymore. Technology has changed the way we learn and the way we spend our free time. It definitely has made learning more fun and engaging through interactive applications.

Gone are the days of burying oneself in a mountain of books to keep the brain machine in tip top shape. We have reached a point where libraries have slowly become ghost towns.

It is sad but we have to admit that times have changed along with things that have worked for years. There may still be some people who prefer the familiarity and smell of books but it sure isn’t comfortable lugging them around for we never know when boredom strikes right?

One of the best things about game apps is the ease of access. You just need one device and you can play almost anything. With the number of apps available in the market today, you will likely find something that would stir your interest. Whether you’re looking for tower defense games or no deposit bingo apps, all it takes is a couple of minutes and you can have them in your device.

The next time you look for new game apps to add to your device, you might want to look into the

following genres or categories. We never know, your new favorite app might just be lurking around the corner.

1.) Puzzle Games

If you fancy a traditional jigsaw, you could try the Jigty Jigsaw Puzzle which has an adjustable difficulty level. If you prefer a variety of puzzles in one game, the World of Cheese on Google Play might just be what you’re looking for.

2.) Strategy Games

These games are believed to enhance brain performance as they challenge one’s thinking ability. Chess Master 2014 on Google Play is a great app for both novice and advanced players. Turn your android device into a chessboard anytime, anywhere.

3.) Word Games

Challenge your learned skills while boosting your word power. Among the famous word games are Scrabble, Hangman and Text Twist Turbo. Better yet, get them all in one great app by downloading  All Word Games on Google Play. It pays to have a wide vocabulary. It doesn’t only look good on your resume but it can boost your market value. When you know a lot of words, you speak with confidence. As they say, confidence is sexy. No man or woman can resist eloquence.

4.) Number Games

Practicing your arithmetic skills need not to be a chore or a bore. Find thousands of Math games for download and give your brain a workout. Try King of Maths on Google Play and you might just get that hot mathlete girl’s attention.

Just as muscles waste away in the absence of physical activity, the brain also deteriorates in the absence of mental stimulation. Educational apps prevent that from happening through interactive gameplay. It definitely is like hitting two birds with one stone, don’t you think?

Most people go to the gym and do crazy diets to get the body they want. Why not do the same for your mind? It is understandable for the body is easily noticeable than what’s in the mind and heart but there really is more value in brain power. When you know things, you get better opportunities than just having a hot body. If you have both then you are probably in a relationship or married. If not, can I get your number? I’m just kidding of course but really, I’d choose straight As than abs any day!

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