Sony’s 185TB cassette tape

We know that cassette tapes and CDs are bit outdated now that we are use-to have portable hard disk or USB drives to store our media files. Ultimately, Sony seemed to take a cassette tape out of the box of its dying days with the creation of a tape that’s capable to store 185TB of data.

Sony's 185TB Cassette Tape

Apparently, the company isn’t trying to sell or produce this technology into a product but rather as a proof-of-concept. Imagine if how many songs you’ll be able to place on this tape, you might also think how long it would be played? Can it be also the longest mix-tape?

Taking you math with Sony’s magnetic tape, it will be able to hold 148TB per square inch and when rolled into a regular sized cassette tape will be able to hold the total storage size of 185TB. This is far from IBM and FujiFilm‘s 35TB tape created for data centers which is not made also for mass consumers.

Sony’s solution brings about the new world’s highest areal recording density for tape storage media 148 gigabytes per square inch. Notably, it’s 74 times the capacity of the mainstream cassette tapes.

By the way, Facebook recently decided they’d be using the disk to archive older data.

However, unfortunately when it comes to ruggedness like other cassette tapes it can be easily tore apart and Sony also haven’t tested yet its shelf-life.

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