Samsung Galaxy S5 Active leaked[Photos]


If you can remember there are surrounding rumors about the Samsung‘s Galaxy S5 Active and right now it seemed a confirmation-like leaked images with video have just almost cemented the rumor to be true.

Accordingly, the current version of Samsung Galaxy S5 is already water-resistant but it seems the Korean-giant wants to make an even tougher version with a more rugged Active version.

Enough of that cool tips, let us get back to business with these quite convincing images that have just been leaked. You can easily pinpoint those physical Android buttons to the exposed fastener which mainly shadows the GS4 Active. However, as a GS5 Active it’s seemed to be more rugged with a look of tough rubberized outer shell that portray an Otterbox not to mention, it has a heart monitor within.

Now look on the GS5 Active powered on as well check out the video below. And let us know how do you feel about and if you’ll skip the current version of GS5 and grab its Active version when it became official.

Source: TK Tech News

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