The Fastest Production Electric Superbike in the World

Lightning LS-218 Superbike

In 2012 at Pikes Peak a prototype electric motorbike recorded an astounding 218mph that makes it easily to be the world’s fastest production motorcycle. And you’ll remember its moniker to strike like those thunderstorm flashes, the Lightning LS-218.

The final production model has just been unveiled in the Quail Motorsport Gathering in California to perfectly tuned its hype before its official summer launch and it seemed the great power-prestige will came with a hefty price tag of $38,000.

The finished version of Lightning LS-218 looks more aggressive now compared to its earlier form, but the specs are just the same. It carries a liquid-cooled 200-horsepower motor and a max range of 180 miles mainly may depends on the battery option. The hefty battery makes the motorcycle  a solid ride which weighs aroung 225kg or 495 pounds and this is way heavier compared to some of gas-powered superbikes on its range. Although it’s heavier, but it helps to propel the LS-218 with an incredible torque of 168 ft-lb from its gearless direct-drive system.

You can check out the video to see the Lightning LS-218 in action and let us know how do you feel about this e-superbike?

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