Apple close to acquire Beats for $3.2 billion

According to sources of Financial Times,  Apple is close to buying Beats Electronics for 3.2 billion, although there are no clear incentives on acquiring the company.


In some points, they’re looking on the benefits of Beats Music and it’s audio hardware to build a strong platform for Apple’s music streaming better than iTunes Radio while the hardware to come along with its range of iOS and Mac devices.

Most likely we’ve seen Beats hardware getting into some devices already and as we’ve seen it, it doesn’t have that right charisma to lure consumers in it. The other thing about the Beats Music is it’s too young in its market, if Apple would like to hold the music streaming market it should have eyed for Spotify or Pandora. Just our two cents, maybe you can drop yours in the comment form below.

There are no official words yet from the Cupertino-giant but it’s reported that they may seal the deal as early as next week so you don’t need wait so long.

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