5 Tips and Tricks about Your iPhone That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

The way people patronizes iPhone is undeniably impressive. With every model released comes a wave of supporters ready to ditch their old phones for a new one. But many of these users do not know how to use their iPhone to its maximum ability. Fret not, below are five iPhone hacks that will help you make your Apple experience even more exhilarating.

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Swipe to delete the last digit in your calculator

Typing numbers in your calculator isn’t as easy as typing a message to your friend. Often times, the arrangement confuses us which leads to erroneous typing. When this occurs, simply swipe your screen to delete the last digit.

You do not have to tap clear button several times which makes it easier for you to manipulate your device. Every swipe will delete the number to the right until you are able to get the specific digits you need for your computation.


Type a text passcode instead of numbers

Having problem remembering your number code? You can make the big switch from using numbers as your passcode to using the alphanumeric keys to access your device. Thiswill double the protection since there are double the number of combinations in the alphanumeric keyboard.

To do this, simply head on to Settings, then tap on General and scroll down until you see the options for Passcode Lock. Upon tapping this, you will be directed to a number of options including Simple Passcode. All you have to do is turn it off and voila! Your keypad will then be changed from numbers to letters where you can input texts for your passcode.


Snap a photo with your headphones

Taking a selfie is made easier with your iPhone-compatible headphones. You can use this accessory to trigger your phone’s shutter by simply pressing the volume up or down. You can now place your phone somewhere farther or at a steadier tool and use your headphones as a remote shutter.


Shake to delete text

Deleting a text might be one of the things you hate doing especially if you have to delete a long one. You do not have to worry about this with this simple trick.

Shake your device until a pop up box shows up. This will show an Undo Typing option and all you have to do is tap that to delete the text you just have written. If ever you have changed your mind, you can shake it once more and choose to Redo Typing.


Charge your phone faster

If you’re a gaming junkie, then you probably suffer from a mild case of low battery syndrome. Worry not, as there’s a little nifty trick you can do to make your iPhone charge faster.

Switch your iPhone to the Airplane mode which suspends most of your device’s transmitting functions, thus ensuring faster charging so that you could start playing instantly on your iPhone the games and apps that drained your battery so viciously.

The knowledge on how to manipulate your device is as important as equipping yourself with the best gadget in town. Knowing how to use your device to its full potential will enable you to do more in less time.


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