4 Top Benefits of Using a Combined Driver

When it comes to the manufacturing process, working with a combined driver can often be an excellent solution to a number of different problems. PLCs are currently used to automate thousands of pieces of equipment in a number of different fields including automotive, food processing, energy and environment, plastic and textiles, water and waste management and the petrochemical industry and anywhere else where an automated system may be required.

So now that you know that everybody is using them, it is important that you also know what the benefits are of using a combined driver to maximise your efficiency.


Reduction in Space

An all in one driver can reduce the need for a great deal of space. It may be the case that you do not have a lot of room within your facility to delegate a whole area to dealing with the operation of your systems. Putting a PLC in place that also runs with an HMI means that not only will you be able to reduce the number of staff that you need to look after the equipment, you will also be able to reduce the amount of space that it needs. This reduction in space can do a number of things; it will allow you to expand in other areas, minimise your working area and lower your costs.

Requires Less Programming

When you think about the amount of effort it will take to program each individual piece of equipment that you have on your manufacturing line, within your factory or within your industry it can quickly become an incredibly time-consuming task. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to you to be able to work with one system that can program all of your equipment and monitor them from a single interface? This is something that is being done all over the world and is making the manufacturing process more efficient and reducing costs, which will ultimately improve the manufacturing process considerably.

Doesn’t Take as Much Wiring

Wiring is another area that can take up a lot of space and a lot of time. As well as the amount of wiring loom being reduced, the amount of sockets that are needed will also be reduced meaning that not only will you be using less energy, but you will have more space for other equipment. PLCs and HMIs working together can reduce this amount even more and companies such as Unitronics and their suppliers are able to provide you with specialist equipment that you need to reduce your wiring and space requirements and increase your efficiency.

Reduces the Need for Extra Hardware

It can often be the case that if you have a large factory to run, then the amount of hardware that you need to use to make sure that each of your systems is running correctly can often be monumental. By using a system that combines the PLCs and HMIs that you need you will be able to reduce the amount of hardware required on a day-to-day basis.

So if you have not thought about such a system, now is the time to do so and ensure that you are keeping up with the rest of the world and the technological advances that are now available within your industry.

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