Top Chinese mobile phone brands

In this article you will see some best Chinese mobile phone brands per version of one Chinese online-store and also see examples of their smartphones.

China is a leading country in mobile industry innovations and technology. The world most renowned mobile brands originate from China. Most mobile handsets though being developed and designed in other countries are still assembled or fully produced in China. Users are no more afraid of poor quality of the handsets offered by top Chinese mobile phone brands as Huawei, Lenovo, ZOPO, ThL and others and there is a sound reason – top mobile brands of China market offer superior quality and a bulk of the hottest and most wanted features for a reasonable price.


Huawei Honor 3



THL T100s


Lenovo phones


You can read the reviews about such monster mobile producer as Lenovo brand known in the world and widely used globally as well as take a look at iocean and fully realize that these Chinese smartphones will give you the same exciting experience of using a smartphone as such world’s leaders as HTC, Nokia and iPhone.

Iocean X7


If you soberly estimate and compare a ZOPO smartphone to any well-known branded items you will not feel the difference as top Chinese brand smartphones as Newman and Xiaomi as well are equipped with quad-core CPUs for a thrilling fast performance and phone dynamics coping with the most complicated tasks.



Newman K2S


The hottest offers by the leading Chinese brands as Inew and Jiayu inherit all the features of modern flagman mobile phones being thin and usable, fast and effective for any task put. The main feature making all of these top Chinese smartphones different from the bulk of their competitors in the market segment is the price. You will get an impressive quality and functioning of a modern mobile phone at the cheapest price. If you are not of a sort of brand worshiping customers and put more value for the quality to price ration than for show off factor then the top Chinese mobile brands are the optimum solution for you.

Jiayu G5


Inew i6000


Looking for a quality handset which is usable, functional and still falling into a budgetary segment of the market? Are not you ready to compromise on quality of the materials a handset is made of, on the features of the phone (as processing power, screen resolution and vibrancy of colors), on the OS?

There is a perfect solution you can opt for and get a highly functional handset based on one of the most popular operating systems, impressively fast processors and featuring the most wanted options. These handsets are of the biggest Chinese mobile brands. Chose your Chinese smartphone in Flosmall-shop.

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