SK Hynix outed world’s first 128GB RAM module

What if you can fit 512GB of RAM-goodness on your rig just by utilizing it’s available 4 memory slots norm? If you did a quick math, that’s 128GB RAM module per socket, which SK Hynix had just announced, a new high-density 128GB memory module —-the company claims to be the world’s first on its class.

SK Hynix

The new gigantic RAM module is built on advance 20nm architecture technology and utilizes 8GB DDR4 modules. This new module doubles the existing 64GB RAM offered by Hynix that uses TSV technology.

It can run at 2133 Mbps and has a 64-bit I/O that can tremendously process up to 17GB of data per second. Regarding the power efficiency, since it’s made from DDR4s memory modules, it can operate at just 1.2V which is considerably lower than those running with DDR3 components with 1.35V. And from these ultimate specs, we can immediately relate this high-density and power efficient RAM to go on directly into server environment where this kind of resources is badly needed.

SK Hynix will start the mass production of 128GB 8Gb and 64GB 8Gb modules will start in the first half of next year though there are no details on its pricing yet.

Now gaming enthusiasts or professionals, it’s not made only for servers, you can grab some of these 128GB RAM modules and max-out your rig’s processing power.

Source: SK Hynix

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