Hypercharger LithiumCard to charge your mobile devices 2X faster

Portable batteries and charging cases are increasingly popular accessories nowadays for mobile devices for its simple functionality, to serve as juice pack to charge your mobile devices on-the-go.

Unfortunately, the drawbacks of portable batteries are sometimes it’s either bulky or slow charging however, with the latest technology it’s now possible to have ultra-fast charging from a portable battery which is ultimately a size of three credit cards stacked on top of each other. It’s called “hypercharger” which is notably capable of charging twice as fast from a normal battery pack.

A successful project from Indiegogo, LithiumCard is one of the perfect example of hypercharger. A small battery pack that is capable of charging like a full-sized juice pack, in terms of speed.

Comparative testing versus reputable fast chargers such as the Mophie Powerstation XL and Nokia DC-19, the LithiumCard didn’t disappoint and deliver ultra-fast charging leaving most of the available juice pack in the market in the old age.

The good thing, the crowdfunding project from Indiegogo managed to be funded well ahead of their target to start producing the LithiumCard. So we can expect this hypercharger coming out from LinearFlux’s production line in the coming months.

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