A Closer Look at POS Hardware

As technology continues to evolve its impact is felt in a growing number of places. This list can now include restaurants, pubs, and other establishments that use a POS system to keep track of business. A POS system is extremely important and can serve many functions within the establishment. Its primary function allows servers to focus on customers while quickly relaying orders to the kitchen or bar. Speed and accuracy are important as they allow the customer’s experience to be smooth and enjoyable. POS systems have various parts to them. Some can be separated out, but together they create a smooth operation.

iPad POS

The Tablet

There are a number of tablets, such as the iPad that establishments may choose from when purchasing their POS system. The final decision is an important one since the tablet is the most visible piece of equipment that customers see.

If the establishment already has a POS system, but is looking to upgrade, there are a few benefits to using tablets as part of the new system. These include:

  • Saving money. The more money saved on equipment, the larger the profit in the end.
  • Access to sales and marketing tools. By gaining access to and understanding of this information, tweaks to the menu and promotions can be made as needed.
  • Lays everything out there. Owners and managers have quite a few concerns on their minds at all times. The faster they are able to access information about what is selling good and what products need to be reordered the better for both them and their staff.

Card Reader

In terms of the establishment, this may be the most important piece of the POS system. Handheld card readers ensure accurate and speedy payment, allowing for a continual smooth flow of traffic in and out of the establishment.

If a business is looking to add this element to their system, there are a few things to consider prior to purchasing a card reader, according to pcmag.com.

  • The fees. Yes, the business will still make money; however, there is a good chance that a fee might be attached to the credit card reader.
  • Can they pay with cash? Some consumers do not always like to rely on their credit or debit cards to pay for a meal or other purchase. If the system chosen for an establishment can pay with cash it opens the door to serving many more customers. However, if it does not it is important to make it very clear and visible that cash is not accepted at the establishment, so that customers are not caught off guard when they go to pay.
  • What kind of safeguard is in place? Identity theft is not a fun topic to think about. However, it is a very real danger to many consumers. Does the system the establishment is looking at protect the information it processes and keep it from falling into the wrong hands?

There is a variety of credit card readers available on the market today that run on both the iPad operating system as well as Android. Owners will benefit from looking around and considering all of their options prior to settling on which reader to the purchase.

Cash Drawer

The third piece of the POS puzzle is the cash drawer. While the use of credit and debit cards to pay for purchases is continuing to increase, there is still cash circulating. As long as cash is circulating, there will be a need for some type of cash drawer. Improvements in technology now allow for the physical drawer to be kept out of sight of the customers. Instead of paying at a central location, payments can now be taken through some tablet systems, according to Inquirer website.

The ability to keep the physical drawer out of sight while accepting payments table side is beneficial for both the establishment and the customer.

Receipt Printer

The final piece in many POS systems is the receipt printer. While small, it can function in many ways. Primarily, it will help ensure the order is fulfilled accurately and quickly. Wireless printers allow for servers to stay on the floor while orders are placed in the kitchen or at the bar, keeping with a continual and smooth flow of traffic through the establishment. There is a variety of printers establishments can choose from depending upon the features needed and how much they want to spend, according to cnet.com.

Point of Sales systems can be purchased in a bundle or separately. When researching the hardware for the system, take a closer look. Decide what elements are needed now and what can be added on in the future. Having one of these systems is crucial in some industries, so make the best choice for the business and its equipment budget.

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