Amazon phone to sport 4.7-inch display and six cameras

If we are to believe BGR’s claim with the long-rumored Amazon’s phone then it should be in the final prototyping design with picture below showing the device in an enclosure to keep its confidentially before it hits the state of being official. From the leaked photo, it’s visually evident to see the three buttons which seemed to be the volume and power buttons. There are also six cameras with assumptions that 2 of them are the main front and back camera, while the other 4 are low-power infrared sensors that will be utilized for the phone’s 3D interface. These cameras will be tracking your face and eyes to enable 3D-glass free viewing at any angle from the phone.

Amazon Phone

Furthermore, under-the-hood of this Amazon flagship smartphone will be an unknown Qualcomm Snapdragon processor fitted with 2GB of RAM and support of possibly 720p instead of 1080p similar from Moto X.

Like the iPhone 6, the Amazon’s phone is expected to be available in two variants, a high-end and affordable somehow like the idea of the iPhone 5S and 5C. If the largest e-tailer will push through with these devices this year, expect the debut to be either earlier or before the iPhone 6’s release —-just to have the right hype for its flagship device/s.

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