Snugg iPad Ultra-Thin Smart Case Review

With the sheer number of iPad cases available in the market today, it is very difficult to differentiate the best ones from the not-so-good-ones. Choosing the right one also involves a lot of looking around, with factors such as price, quality, design, durability and ergonomics coming into consideration.


Today we take a look at one of The Snugg’s latest offerings: the Ultra-Thin Smart Case.

For those not familiar with the brand, The Snugg is a relatively new entrant to the mobile gadget case industry. Albeit already a bit crowded, The Snugg stands up from the average competitor through its so-called The Snugg Promise: for every case you buy, you are assured to get the perfect “snugg” fit, the finest materials, and the highest quality craftsmanship. They even offer a lifetime guarantee to all of their product offerings, a testament to their dedication to quality and durability.

Are they any good, though? We find out here.

Available for the iPad 2, 3 and 4, the Snugg iPad Ultra-Thin Smart Case (SRP at $19.99) is made of hot-pressed PU leather up front and a hard TPU case at the back.

Snugg-2-2 Snugg-3-2

Also called bycast leather, PU leather is a material made with a split leather backing covered with a layer of polyurethane that is applied to the surface and then embossed. Ideally, they would look and (almost) feel like 100% genuine leather, although in terms of quality, they are not very comparable, understandable given the budget friendly price tag of this iPad case. On the other hand, the TPU case at the back is a type of hard plastic that is designed to be resistant to oil, grease and abrasion.

Design-wise, the Snugg iPad Ultra-Thin Smart Case is classy and very thin (hence the name). It adds very minimal bulk to your tablet, good news for people like me who prefer their gadget’s case thinner than the actual gadget itself. The Ultra-Thin case is able fold quickly into a triangular stand to help support your iPad when typing or watching movies. It also has a built-in sleep/wake function, just like the other smart cases available in the market today.


In terms of durability, the combination of the PU leather up front and the TBU back cover is great for both protection of your iPad as well as the case itself. The microfiber lining inside the case (a growing trend in the more premium cases available today) also helps in protecting the iPad from sudden falls or scratches. In actual use, I like the premium look and feel of the case, especially when I bring my tablet to business meetings. A lot better than my Iron Man themed case before.


Connectivity does not take a back seat on this case, as the case has been designed to allow access to all ports. Connecting my third party headphones was a breeze, as well as the external keyboard I used (partly) in writing this review.


Final Thoughts

Having used the Snug iPad Ultra-Thin Smart Case for more than a week now, I appreciate the case’s minimalist design and professional feel. Using genuine leather instead of PU leather could’ve been better, but that could be asking too much. Also, the company’s promise of having a perfect “snugg” fit also was true enough, as my iPad stayed locked in place during usage and showed no signs of slipping. All in all a good case for the price tag, especially for those looking for something thin and elegant.

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