Smartwatch concept that should hit production now

I just read that this smartwatch concept needs to become a reality, and with my curiosity I virtually jump quickly on Behance to check it out. Based from Triwa watch, designer Gábor Balogh published a project called Smartwatch Concept and has become one of the most popular project on the site. The main concept goes on combining the classical/traditional watch design and the advance technology of a smartwatch. Once you check this smartwatch, you might also wish that this should be already in production.

Smartwatch Concept

However, thought the design and functionality seemed to be really stunning there are technological issues that you couldn’t fit on that bezel as of the moment. But with these features and restrictions this will make us even wanting it more.

I know you’re really curious on what features I’m talking about here, an unconventional smartwatch.  You can check out Gábor Balogh’s smartwatch, visit his Behance projects site.

You can also check out some of the available smartwatch for you to grab now.

Image Screenshot from Behance.

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