Moto 360 could it be the Smartwatch Concept by Gábor Balogh

We know that you still remember the Smartwatch Concept by Gábor Balogh from Behance that we (including you) wish that it should be on production now. Then came fresh the Moto 360, Motorola’s bet in the wearable Android device segment which is visibly like a normal watch but designed to be a smartwatch. It can give you the functions of a normal smartwatch like the Samsung Galaxy Gear which features navigation, messages, social media and as an extension of your smartphone in your reachable wrist.

Moto 360

Screen grab from Moto360 official site
Smartwatch Concept
Screen grab from Behance’s Smartwatch Concept

There’s no word that Balogh had been part of the design process for Moto 360 but if we are talking about the design concept, there’s no doubt that Balogh’s ideas were made into reality through the Moto 360.

You can check out the Smartwatch Concept at Behance and the Moto 360, then let us know how do you feel. Just to let you know, Balogh’s concept design was outed earlier before the Moto 360 was introduced.

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