The world’s first plant-powered radio


When designer Fabienne Felder wants to reupholster jumbo jets with moss to fulfill her vision of passengers sitting on verdant tufts while “bryophytes purify the air and use electrons captured during photosynthesis to power the Direct TV panels on the seat backs.” It seemed crazy, but University of Cambridge biochemist Dr. Paolo Bombelli and plant scientist Ross Dennis were impressed with the idea and finally proved that it’s possible. Check out the short clip below that explains everything about the technical setup of the world’s first plant-powered radio.

It’s definitely a breakthrough on harnessing natural energy, imagine these moss setup applied with the vast forest we have? With the combination of solar panel, hydro and possibly this new plant-powered sources we can definitely help improve the environment with mitigating pollutions and energy crisis.

Let us know how do you feel and please share this new breakthrough.

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