Lego Cubestormer robot solves Rubik’s Cube problem in 3.25 seconds

Can you beat that 3.25 seconds record for the fastest time in solving a Rubik’s Cube problem?

The previous record to beat was 5.27 seconds which is set back in 2011 by the older brother of the Lego robot named Cubestormer 2, which has just been surpassed by it’s successor the Cubestormer 3 with stunning 3.253 seconds.

The fastest human record is 5.55 seconds.

The Cubestormer 3 is the third automatons robot designed specifically for the purpose of solving Rubik’s Cube problem as fast as possible. It’s now powered by an octa-core Samsung Galaxy S4, with four high-performance ARM Cortex-A15 cores and four lower-intensity Cortex-A7 cores where each core manages a Lego Mindstorms actuator to run the complex mechanical algorithm of the Cubestormer 3.

The Galaxy S4 acts as the brain of the robot analyzes how the cube is arranged and formulate the steps necessary to solve it then finally instruct the robot to move its robotic arms to solve the puzzle.

Right now, we are just wondering on pushing the Cubestormer 3 to its mechanical limitations —-maybe a high-end Snapdragon, Intel, NVIDIA or Apple chipset could do that. And there’s no doubt, designers David Gilday and Mike Dobson would consider that in Cubestormer 4.

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