Intel show off 4th-gen 8-core Extreme Edition Haswell with DDR4 support

Just before the most awaited Game Developer’s Conference, Intel had just made their introductory teasing targeted for gaming enthusiasts to take on their next rig upgrade with the 4th-generation Haswell processor.

Intel 4th-Gen Haswell

Hidden on its monstrous moniker of “Devil Canyon”, the 4th-gen Core-i7 Extreme Edition CPU will sports eight unlocked cores and 16 threads which is ultimately powerful than the previous 6-core Haswell model. As a latest chip, it can now support the new memory standard DDR4 that’s capable of faster transfer speed and improved energy efficiency.

Intel promises enhanced thermal interface that will made the chip handle extreme overclocking and performance tune ups.

There will be also a Pentium Anniversary Edition with unlockable cores as well several new techs such as an all-in-one computer called “Black Brook” paired with RealSense 3-D camera.

Furthermore, Intel reveals its 5th-generation chips with Broadwell a 14nm processors that will be available unlocked and with IRIS graphics.

Now knowing that these new chips are expected to arrive soon, with the Extreme Edition slated mid-2014, better to plan you upgrade ahead so you can optimize the new CPUs in your gaming rig.

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