A Guide to the Coolest iPhone 5s Accessories

The iPhone 5s continues to be Apple’s flagship phone. The feeling is that, no matter how many updated variations the company may bring out, they pretty much got it spot on with the 5s. Never mind the growing library of apps that are available – what’s really helped to make the 5s a phenomenal hit with gadget lovers is the sheer number of hardware add-ons you can plug into the basic phone. Here’s our list of five of the best:

1. PopSLATE and Plastic Logic’s EPD display cover


Who would have thought that something as simple as a cover could rank as one of the most innovative add-ons for a phone? But the EPD display cover developed by flexible screen technology experts Plastic Logic and their partners PopSLATE. This super-smart cover gives iPhone 5s owners the chance to customise their covers including dashboards, all displayed on an integrated secondary electrophoretic display (EPD). Thanks to Plastic Logic’s flexible screen technology, the cover is shatterproof, incredibly thin and lightweight and readable in direct light, so no more trying to find a shady spot so you can see your screen. It’s also energy-efficient, thanks to the ‘Always-on’ principle that forms the basis of EPD tech. This means your battery is only called upon to create a new image, and not when you’re simply leaving a static image on the screen.

According to Plastic Logic’s CEO Indro Mukerjee: “Our flexible EPD technology is proving ideal for smartphone accessory applications, and we are glad to be working with popSLATE in this market.

“In particular, Plastic Logic’s development of a colour flexible plastic display is significant, since the same process could enable unbreakable, flexible display solutions with other media such as LCD and OLED,” he added recently.

2. UP by Jawbone


It looks like a giant paperclip, but this clever little wristband is giving the Nike Fuelband a run for its money. It marries up with a free app on the iPhone 5s and lets you track some pretty fundamental daily data including how much exercise you’re getting, what you’re eating and your sleep habits. Then it makes recommendations to help you improve. That might sound a bit ‘naggy’, but it’s actually a pretty smart little band. A 10-day battery means that it can be worn continuously too, so that you can get a good baseline of data to work with.

3. Sony QX100 Camera


This camera isn’t cheap, but if there’s one thing that still lets smartphones down it’s the camera. This super-slick looking bit of kit from Sony is a DSLR-quality camera lens that fits onto your phone. It then wirelessly syncs with your camera using a free app. The app may be the only thing that doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet, but if you’re a real stickler for quality photos and don’t want to carry around a DSLR and your iPhone, then this lens takes the on-board camera in your phone to a whole new level.

Image credit: Flickr

4. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air Dock


This speaker is now almost as iconic as the iPhone itself. Aspirational, slick and producing some of the best sounds known to techno-man, the Zepplin is again not cheap, but if you like your top end crisp and your bass, well, bass-y, then nothing really compares to a Zepplin. Inside its unique design are five high-powered speakers. Oh, and it can charge your phone too. A nice little extra touch that really lifts the Zepplin out of the ordinary and into the ‘must have’ league.

5. JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones


Ear-buds are pretty much of a muchness, right? Well, no. Ear-buds are now starting to catch up with technology to deliver much more than buds that make it sound like you’re listening to Daft Punk with your head in a bucket. These super-sleek versions use Bluetooth to give you a practically wireless headphone experience. A single wire connecting the buds features a mike and a remote, which lets you play and pause music and make calls, all without the need to actually touch your phone. No more fumbling around in your pocket to pause ‘Get Lucky’ so you can take a call from your boss…

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