Featured: Presentation of eCommerce Merchandise

A picture can be worth a thousand words in the retail world. This traditional saying certainly applies when it comes to presenting merchandise that is sold online. Modern eCommerce websites need to properly display all of their items that are for sale. Professional photos should be taken of all the merchandise that is listed. Customers always want to see photos of the actual products that will be shipped out. There are services that specialize in photographing products that are sold online.


An online store can send a package full of merchandise to photographers. The photography company takes professional quality images of the items in a neutral setting featuring white backgrounds. The items are the focus of the picture and not the background. After the high quality photos are taken, they can be imported into a graphics editing program. The images can then be virtually placed onto multiple layers featuring any type of custom background. For example, a photo of a soccer jersey can be placed on top of a layer featuring a background of a soccer field.

Online store owners can access all of the high quality images of the merchandise through the official website of photography companies. The images can be downloaded by eCommerce webmasters and then used to post product listings. Professional photos of merchandise can also feature special effects that are useful for eCommerce applications. For example, a slightly reflective white surface can be used when taking images of an item. The item’s reflection can then be slightly visible on the glossy white background. Such a presentation creates a sophisticated and contemporary appearance of an item for sale. Taking Photographs of your product is an example of an effective way to present merchandise that’s sold online.

Professional photography services also take snapshots of an object from multiple angles. For instance, a T-shirt should be photographed from the front and back. A three dimensional object such as a video game console should be photographed in top, front, bottom and side views. Photographs that are made for retail applications can also have special features that allow viewers to rotate an item that’s listed on an eCommerce store. Static images essentially create the illusion of a three dimensional presentation thanks to modern software. A viewer can freeze an object that’s on a virtual 360 degree display. Virtual turn table effects can be done at no extra cost by photography companies.

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