Most Addictive Apps Of The Past 12 Months

It’s been another great year for gaming. 2013 saw sales of smartphones and tablets rise, where now one in five people across the world own a smartphone, and the App Store reached its 50 billionth download. As the app market continues to grow you will see users cling on to the apps they can’t get enough of.

We’ve spent hours and hours playing our favourite games this year, on everything from word games, to sports quizzes. We take a look at five of the most addictive games in the past 12 months.



Wordament has been around since 2011 but didn’t make an appearance on iOS until around a year ago. In short, the game is online Boggle, but with the ability to play against the entire community simultaneously.

The aim is to find as many words as you can on the grid in two minutes, and it more than brings out the competitive streak in you.


Free Bets Rugby Logo Quiz


If you’re a fan of rugby, you simply will not rest until you’ve completed the Freebets Rugby App. Testing you across both codes of the sport, the game makes sure you know your Kangaroos from your Toulouse and is a must for any fanatic.

Flick Kick Football

Another one for the sports fans, Flick Kick Football will steal countless hours of your life with its fun, colourful graphics and amusing 70’s style backdrop. By swiping your finger across the screen you must score free-kicks from all angles of the field, dodging defenders and curing them in to the far corner like a primed George Best.


Deer Hunter 2014


Shooting poor animals might not sound much fun, and whilst we wouldn’t dream of it for real, Deer Hunter 2014 is pretty darn addictive. The more levels you complete, the harder the target becomes. There are plenty of upgrade options to make your aim more accurate, whilst slo-mo replays show you your previous shot.

The game is graphically very good and tests your hand-eye coordination to the max. And no Bambi’s mother does not feature.


Impossible Road


If there’s one game of 2013 that defines the word addictive, it’s Impossible Road. Despite being incredibly simple, you only have to keep a ball on a track, the game has sharp, crisp visuals and an unlikely hold on you that makes you desperate to pass the next check point.

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