Sony package waterproof Walkman in a bottled water

Sony Walkman

Earlier Japanese-giant shows off swimmers working out with the new Sony Walkman to convince you that they’re really waterproof earpieces. Now to further lure you to grab these waterproof earphones, the company packages the new Walkman inside a bottle full of water. You can clearly see how it goes from the picture above.

It’s called “The Bottled Walkman” and currently sold from the vending machines across New Zealand in campaign-targeted places like gyms where you’ll see this bottled Walkman besides energy drinks like Gatorade. This is a great marketing strategy in a sense that their products are actually brought near the targeted consumers and places –out of the normal electronics store. And sitting on the bottled water strongly suggests that it’s really waterproof rather than just been shown off from the shelves. You’ll also have the actual waterproof test which is a burden for first time owners to soak their devices just to check if it’s waterproof.

Check out the video of the Bottled Walkman from the vending machine:

Nonetheless, the packaging seemed compelling and it’ll surely gather good attention, I’m just afraid about the water in the bottle, who wants to drink it when the Walkman has been there for quite awhile?

Now if this campaign works, maybe you’ll see other waterproof devices packaged in same way, how about a waterproof camera?

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