Public and Private at the Same Time

The telephone’s value is that it allows people to keep in touch even if living far away from each other. You can pick up the phone just to say hello and make sure that an aged parent is alright; you can ring to make arrangements to meet or wish someone ‘happy birthday’. Businesses list themselves in the hope that they will receive enquiries over the phone. A telephone is so convenient and very few homes are without one. However, there is the potential for problems because just as you can ring and receive calls from people whom you wish to speak to, if your number is public to an extent you are giving up part of your privacy. You may get calls from people you have no wish to talk to.

Ex directory

One protection is to have an ex directory telephone number and only give it to specific people. It is not 100% secure because inevitably you or your friends may innocently give out your number and the information can spread.

Privacy Policy

Modern technology can do many things and it is certainly capable of doing a decent job maintaining your privacy by sifting out unwanted callers from those coming from family and friends. Caller ID is really something that everyone should have, especially those who fear that they may be subjected to unwanted calls. If however you simply ignore a call where the number is withheld that may not be sufficient to give you some peace. If the caller is using automatic redialling then unanswered calls are rung time and again until the phone is answered.

Good features

Your decision is which of the products on the market you should get to block the maximum number of unwanted calls. Among other things you should look to see whether:

  • There are software updates automatically
  • The system you get will have an interrogation facility to provide a barrier between yourself and an unwanted caller. It should mean that calls are blocked before you receive them, not afterwards.
  • Any call that is blocked by anyone using the system will mean that number is also ‘black listed’ as a nuisance call from getting through to you.

Effective blocking

If you read through you can see what is available and raise any questions that you may have.  Once a system is established and working successfully anyone then getting this service will already have a host of unwanted numbers blocked. There are plenty of companies out there that use the telephone as a sales and marketing tool trying to reach consumers directly.

There will be times when you are approached by a salesman and sometimes you may actually buy something that you hadn’t intended to buy. Even if you have your weekly shopping list you can come home with more. However, that doesn’t mean that you want to receive sales calls at home. You want your privacy and a good blocking system is the way to get it.

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