Do people still text?

In our modern world, with our need for instant communication and information, you’d think we’d be texting (SMS) like crazy, constantly getting updates on everything from the news, to our friends’ lives, but recent surveys would indicate that this is not the case. Apparently last year the number of texts sent went down from 152 billion to 145 billion. Still breathtaking figures, but why is it falling?


The reason

What could it be? I can tell you. WhatsApp, iMessage, and Blackberry Messenger have all introduced texting for free. You no longer have to pay monthly fees for sharing information and conversing with your friends. It’s all free. With the modern world’s fascination with ‘smart’ technology, could we see in the next few years a complete decline and desolation of the texting form? What will the phone companies need to do to claw back their money from our free technological hands?

Text services don’t have to start looking for new work just yet as they still have a loyal fan base with the older generations who (for many of them) have just got there head around texting. Texting still has a choke hold on the industry, however, for the simple reason that it’s available on all mobile phones. A lot of these messaging services are only available on specific phones. The big three at the moment seem to be iPhone, HTC and Blackberry – with Samsung and Nokia putting in a good show. Not all of these are compatible with each other so in order to talk to all your friends you will have to either all buy the same phones or start texting again.

Is it anything to worry about?

Chances are there aren’t many people who will care that much about the decline in text messaging, however is it really anything to think about yet? Well check out this cool new graphic that shows that Britons as a collective whole are spending huge sums of dough on drunken texting, drunken calling, and drunken online shopping. I suppose the main positive in the decline in text messaging will be a decrease in the amount of money spent on drunk texts. It’s just unfortunate that the drunk texts themselves won’t cease.

I will be sticking to text messaging as stopping at this point won’t work as I’m the only person in my friendship group without an iPhone, so I’ll stick with SMS. Maybe one day they will come up with a messaging service that is free to use and compatible with all the difference types of phones, but until then, SMS works for me.

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