The Angry Birds promotional marketing megalith: 10 facts from the brand


In the world of promotional marketing, certain brands stand out from others as having lead the way through their innovative and all-encompassing merchandising efforts. Finnish games developer Rovio, creator of the all-conquering Angry Birds franchise, is one such brand. From SME obscurity to multimillion dollar international in a few scant years, Rovio owes a great deal of its success to promotional merchandising. Here are ten facts from the brand that may surprise you…

#1: 200 million – More than 200 million people play Angry Birds worldwide every month, or the equivalent of the entire population of Brazil.

#2: 2 billion – In total, Angry Birds games have been downloaded 2 billion times, enough for more than a quarter of the world’s population to have played the game at least once.

#3: €152 million – Rovio’s annual revenue stands at a robust €152 million – largely thanks to Angry Birds and related merchandise.

#4: 9 – There are currently nine different Angry Birds games and spin-offs available to download from the Angry Birds website, each a potential source of revenue and brand awareness.

#5: 45% – 45% of Rovio’s total revenue comes from physical products: i.e. promotional merchandise. The games themselves are only the tip of the iceberg.

#6: 52 – Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd game for the mobile market. Their success only came after numerous attempts to create the perfect product.

#7: 6 years – Rovio worked as a comparatively obscure Finnish SME until Angry Birds brought the company global renown. The company was six years old before it achieved its current level of success.

#8: 6 months – Angry Birds was no overnight success story. It took six months following release to rise to the top of the app store download charts.

#9: £69.90 – The kids’ Pink Bird Light Pack Jacket retails for £69.90 on the Angry Birds UK store. It’s just one of hundreds of branded products available to buy from Rovio including vases!

Angry Birds

#10: £14.90 – It’s not just branded clothing Angry Bird fans can buy from Rovio, however. One of the more obscure items available on the UK store is a book of Bad Piggies egg recipes – retailing at £14.90. This variety helps to maintain a steady promotional marketing revenue.

Rovio started out as an SME, and through careful handling of a quality product in the form of Angry Birds coupled with clever merchandising knowhow, was able to transform into a global company with an annual revenue in the hundreds of millions. This is why merchandise can be such a powerful tool within the gaming industry.

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