Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept

The rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 as the next Galaxy S series flagship is expected to hit the floor of Mobile World Congress (MWC 2014). Just before the event, we can expect several concepts to surface to further tickle our minds and further build excitements –hype before making itself official. One of the promising concept we picked was from website which known to be “ripped from the headlines” on NBC. It’s considered to be relevant enough to be removed and you can speculates that some of the features shown off from this concept are favorably real thing.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Gallery

The concept shows extremely sleek design but considerable firepower under-the-hood. Housed in metal body, it’s fitted with a curved 5.25-inch flexible 2K resolution display and run by a 64 bit octa-core Samsung Exynos processor paired with with 4GB of RAM. There’s also Android 4.4 is pre-installed and socially inclined powerful cameras with primary ISOCELL camera that’s capable of capturing video in 4K with front-facing 4MP secondary cam which takes video in 1080 x 1920. And yes, it’ll have iris scanner as one of the key features.

What do you think of this latest Galaxy S5 concept design and what other features would you like to see included in the Galaxy S5? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


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