How OLX is Changing the Trend of Online Classifieds?

OLX IndiaThere is no doubt that classifieds in India have become one of the popular ways to sell and buy products and services. Many top brands like OLX have come up in the Indian market that offer the right platform for sellers and buyers to buy and sell their products as per their convenience and rates. OLX has gradually managed to capture the classifieds market as they offer free classifieds option where buyers have the option to choose the right items while sellers are offered freedom to post their ads the way they want it and offer information to potential buyers.

While newspapers classified ads are still going on, but many consumers today have moved to the online media and classified sites that offer them quick results. OLX has seen tremendous growth in the last few years as more and more consumers make use of OLX website to buy and sell items online. The classified website offers a perfect online platform for buyers and sellers alike where they can decide and negotiate the deal without any third party involved. The online transactions are directly handled by buyers and sellers and that makes the entire online transaction easier and simpler.

On the other hand, OLX is also promoting and spreading awareness across India with their TV campaign where they have come up with various television ads that promote OLX brand. OLX has been successful with their TV campaign earlier as well that showcased their value proposition of Sab Kuch Bikta Hai that soon became the brand slogan and it was easier for the buyers and sellers to get instantly connected to it. On the other hand, OLX is also focusing on promoting their brand through more videos on YouTube that allows them to get some attention through online websites.

OLX also understands that more people today are connected to technological devices and through smartphones and therefore they have come up with YouTube video that strikes the emotional cord of the viewer. The ads also focus on the value proposition of the brand and focuses on Bech De concept this time. With the help of TV campaign and multi-video campaign on the internet OLX has managed to create a bigger market space for itself.

The trend of classifieds has certainly undergone transformation in the last two years as consumers are becoming aware of the advantages that they can have when they use online classified sites. With the help of online classified sites buyers and sellers both have some advantages that make it better for them to sell and buy products that they are interested in. Many sellers and buyers are also making use of these websites to handle their business in a different way where they can directly deal with consumers. OLX has been quick to realize the potential of this market and has come up with better promotions through TV campaign and YouTube video that offer better information to the consumers on how they can make use of this platform and make selling and buying process easier online.

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