New Galaxy Gear or New Wearable Device for 2014

CES 2014 kick off will be next week and Samsung haven’t yet to unleashed its new products for the even, except the 105-inch widescreen UHDTV we reported earlier. However, Samsung Mobile UK seemed to be teasing through Twitter with a new wearable devices for 2014.


The image shown above shows off 3-month old Galaxy Gear labeled for year 2013 and a blank space underneath labeled for 2014 asking a question “What’s next?”. So basically, we can speculate an upcoming version of the Galaxy Gear or another wearable devices from Samsung.

Considering the timeline when the Galaxy Gear has been officially released, we don’t see Sammy unveiling a new smartwatch this early, and this make sense for a new wearable device. How about a Galaxy Ring or Galaxy Fitness Armband?

Now hold your curiosity as CES 2014 starts early next week, then we should know if there will be a new smartwatch or wearable device will be introduce to the world by the Korean tech giant.

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